How to Mine FIL at 0 Cost?

At present, Filecoin’s entire network storage mining power is close to 13EiB. From the perspective of the distribution of mining power, the degree of network decentralization is not low, and the number of active miner nodes is 3,416; there has been a qualitative leap since the launch of the Filecoin mainnet on October 15, 2020.

With the continuous development of the Filecoin ecosystem, there are more and more ways for users to participate in the Filecoin mining process. Currently on the market, mainly mining machines and cloud mining power.

However, as far as traditional mining is concerned, the cost of expensive mining machines has made traditional mining a game for large players, and it is difficult for ordinary people to participate. Even the cloud mining power with a low threshold lacks liquidity, which makes the mining power lack efficient circulation. The market, to some extent, has set an invisible ceiling for Filecoin mining.

With the emergence of Filet, the Filecoin mining market has undergone different changes. Filet combines Filecoin and DeFi to realize the tokenization of mining power, which brings a new impact to the mining market and opens up a brand-new mining method! The emergence of Filet has broken the current high threshold and high investment situation of Filecoin mining, allowing all investors to participate in Filecoin mining power investment through Filet and obtain generous returns.

In Filet, users can directly stake FIL to obtain the corresponding Filecoin mining power. For users holding FIL, this method does not need to invest any cost compared with the traditional purchase of mining machines or cloud mining power to mine FIL. Of course, there are many other platforms on the market that pledge FIL to get returns, but Filet’s revenue is almost the highest in the entire network.

At present, the rate of return of lending platforms on the market is basically in the single digits, and Filet can reach up to more than 30%, which is nearly 20 times that of LendHub lending platform 1.54%!

An annualized income of more than 30% means that more than 30 FIL returns can be obtained by staking 100FIL every year. Calculated at the current price of 60U, it is equivalent to earning 1,800U per year. If FIL returns to the high point of about 200U by then, it will be paid every year. Can get nearly 6000U of income!

For high-positioned or conservative investors, Filet is also a very efficient investment channel. The current price of FIL is around 60U. Assuming that investors buy FIL at 100U, they still need to increase by 67% to get rid of the set. If they choose to pledge FIL for mining, they only need to increase by 28% to get rid of the set.

Similarly, buying FIL at the current price of 60U only requires 720U for mining in Filet. If the price of FIL rises to 200U after one year (the highest FIL price is 232U), the value of FIL that users can withdraw is about 3120U, which is 4 of the invested capital. More than twice! The important thing is that the invested funds will not be lost at all, which is equivalent to participating in Filecoin mining at zero cost. Of course, if the price is not ideal at that time, you can also pledge again, and then sell it when the price is ideal.

The launch of Filet is a subversion of the traditional mining industry, and it is a door of wealth for ordinary investors. I believe that the future of Filecoin mining is an investment project that everyone can participate in, and it is also a huge dividend that everyone can enjoy.

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