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Stake FIL to earn FIL

Always grow your assets through bull or bear markets!
Stake FIL to earn FIL. No impermanent loss!

Always grow your assets through bull or bear markets!Stake FIL to earn FIL. No impermanent loss!

Stake 180 days, earn about 18% APY
Stake 360 days, earn about 24% APY
Flexible staking, earn about 5%+8% APY
Low barrier
Zero risk
High return

How does Filet work?

Filet is a Filecoin mining power tokenization protocol that deployed on the Filecoin, BSC, HECO and Mixin network. It tokenizes Filecoin mining power and introduces it into the DeFi ecosystem to provide FIL holders with risk-free and high-growth FIL staking services, and the annualized FIL return is about 24%.

So how exactly does Filet work? First, you need to understand the basic conditions of Filecoin mining. First, you need hardware facilities such as IDCs or mining machines. Second, you need professional operation and maintenance. Third, you need a certain number of tokens for staking. For ordinary investors, the price of hardware is out of reach, not to mention professional operation and maintenance. Only professional mining service providers can fully meet these requirements. Even so, mining service providers still need a large number of tokens for staking to expand their service, which is also a big challenge.

Considering the high barrier that is turning ordinary investors away and the problem of token staking, Filet launched to connect global high-quality mining service providers with ordinary investors, so that mining service providers can gather the idle FIL from the market. Investors can use the FIL they have for mining. Filet is playing the role of gathering the idle FIL in the hands of ordinary investors and providing them to mining service providers as the tokens for staking in Filecoin, and at the same time distributing mining service providers’ mining power to ordinary investors, so that they can also participate in Filecoin mining. With the help of Filet, mining service providers can expand the scale of mining with idle FIL in the market, and users can join Filecoin mining without any additional investment.

As a unique decentralized storage system, Filecoin has taken advantage of the growing popularity of cloud mining platforms and created an open market for file storage. The protocol is highly bankable at the moment, thanks to its decentralized data storage marketplace that makes the web more secure and efficient.
Ordinary FIL investors can get a piece of the pie by participating in Filecoin mining through Filet’s decentralized cloud mining platform for a risk-free, high return, and low entry barrier experience. Moreover, Filet also opens doors for regular investors to seize the dividends of Filecoin. As a result, the platform became one of the best choices for a stable investment in cryptocurrencies, with over 90,000 FIL staked on Filet.



Filet platform is developed by the largest Filecoin miners in the North-American region. Filet code is audited by Certik and the code base is published on Github.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared with traditional Filecoin mining, the entry barrier of Filet is very low. Users do not need to purchase expensive mining machines, nor to have professional mining knowledge. They only need to stake a certain amount of FIL to mine, which is greatly convenient for users. Secondly, the annualized rate of return of Filet staking mining is as high as 24%, which is much higher than other DeFi projects, that’s why it is the best choice for users.

Filecoin is a decentralized distributed storage network and the only incentive layer of IPFS. Filecoin uses the blockchain token system to issue a token named FIL.
As the leader of distributed storage, Filecoin is a potential project to eliminate the shortcomings of the current centralized storage and eventually replace it. It is also considered to be the infrastructure of the metaverse and Web3.0.

Unlike any of its competitors, the Filet protocol provides a trusted staking service openly and transparently by deploying decentralized smart contracts and cross-chain bridges. Users can always stake FILE to Filet and generate earnings as 1 FILE represents 1GiB Fileocin mining power.

Filet’s flexible staking period is also noteworthy, as it allows users to withdraw their staked FIL at any time. Additionally, users acquire a fixed yield rate during the staking period, which is periodically determined by an algorithm in Filet.

For users who hold Filecoin mainnet token, download HiWallet ( tap Filet on the homepage to stake.
For users who hold FILs on BSC or HECO chain, open Filet official website ( and connect to the wallet to stake.