Scale Up Your Mining
Business with Filet

Filet Finance is committed to powering the Filecoin ecosystem and connecting storage providers with everyday Filecoin investors. Through Filet, Filecoin miners can borrow FIL tokens to scale up their operations, and Filecoin holders can earn high returns by staking their tokens.
Filet is a decentralized Filecoin mining platform, open-source and audited by Certik, offering Filecoin holders a secure and safe way to join Filecoin mining.

Requirements for Being the Storage Provider Partner

Filet will select storage provider partner based on Filecoin network conditions and pledge scale.

Stable Operation Capability
To ensure the rights and interests of Filecoin investors in Filet, we require cooperative miners to have nodes that operate stably for a long time, the guaranteed mining efficiency.
Comply with Local Regulations
Filet abides by local laws and regulations, and we require the storage providers we cooperate to comply with and ensure stable local operations. In case of policy adjustments, the SP has sufficient capacity to respond.
Approve Filet's Model
Filet and storage provider partner will use a secure multi-signature method to manage new nodes. The data is secure and transparent, and can be checked on the chain, while ensuring the safety and reliability of FIL assets.

Participate in Filet's New Mining Project

Filet is actively exploring high-quality projects. If you have a project recommendation, welcome to apply for cooperation!
You can also leave your contact information so that you can get the notification about our new mining project.