Who are The Target Users of Filet?

Filet is a decentralized platform for storage power services. In Filet, users can directly stake FIL to get the Filecoin mining power. For FIL holders, this method does not require any investment compared to the traditional way of obtaining FIL through storage providers or cloud computing power. More importantly, the return of Filet staking is much higher than any other DeFi product.

So who is Filet suitable for?

Firstly, Filet is suitable for FIL holders who are optimistic about the future of Filecoin. If a user stakes 100 FIL for a year, he can get 30 FIL of income. If by then FIL price returned to the high point of over 200USD, he can get nearly 6,000 USD of income every year!

Secondly, for investors who bought FIL at a high price and got trapped, it is better to stake the FIL in Filet than keep them in the exchange. Once the price rises to 60% of the buying price, they will almost not lose money, which will be much faster than keeping them in the exchange and waiting for the price to rise again.

Finally, for conservative investors, Filet is also an excellent choice. The current FIL price is about 20 USD per FIL, it has basically reached the bottom, and the probability of rising in the future is far greater than that of dropping. If you choose to stake, you can get the benefits from prices rising and mining. If you are not satisfied with the price when the staking expires, you can stake them again and then sell them at a reasonable price.

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