How to Play Filecoin with DeFi?

Today, Filecoin mining requires expensive and complicated hardware, which includes enterprise-grade storage servers, miner node servers, various network equipment, and worker servers that encrypt the storage space. Therefore, there’s a strong desire in the market for a completely decentralized, transparent, safe, and trustable platform that allows FIL holders to participate in Filecoin mining by just staking FIL in the platform. Filet tokenizes Filecoin mining power and successfully introduces it into the DeFi ecosystem to provide FIL holders with risk-free and high-growth FIL staking services. 

With over 73,000 FIL staked, Filet has become one of the best choices for stable investment in cryptocurrencies. Filet has a much higher yield than any other competitor in the market. For instance, when users stake Filecoin in platforms like Coinlist, they can get around 8% APY, while Binance Earn and Huobi Earn provides almost 5% APY. But Filet offers APY around 30%, which is arguably better than any other platform in the market. By staking FIL in Filet users can eventually earn more FIL.  

What is Filet? 

The Filet protocol is a decentralized mining activity deployed on the BSC and HECO chain and is also connected to the Filecoin network. This Filecoin mining power tokenization protocol is developed to facilitate Filecoin mining profit easily through DeFi. The project was audited by Certik in 2021.  

What is Unique About Filet? 

Compared to traditional Filecoin mining, Filet employs an entirely novel feature in its protocol. It ensures a low threshold with no extra investment in equipment. The Filet platform is developed and backed by the largest Filecoin mining pools in North America. Moreover, North America is also one of the best regions for Filecoin mining.  

Additionally, to meet the needs of more users demands, Filet has successfully updated the product and launched several new functions like flexible staking, stake TOP to mine FIL, etc.  

The Platform’s Vision 

By leveraging all the benefits of decentralized smart contracts, community governance, and selected high-quality mining pools, the Filet platform intends to create a decentralized FIL mining service platform. The platform does this with a low entry barrier, tokenized mining power, transparent mining pools, and returns. 

FIL Staking  

The Filet protocol offers a trusted filecoin staking service in an open and transparent manner by deploying decentralized smart contracts and cross-chain bridges. To gain the mining power of FIL, users can stake some form of tokens. Filet distributes mined profit to users based on their mining power. A user stakes 10 FIL and receives 1 T Filecoin mining power. All users can seamlessly choose either the flexible staking period or the fixed period.  

Additionally, for FIL on Filecoin network, users can participate Filet directly in HiWallet. For FIL on BSC or HECO network, users can participate in FIL staking in any wallet that supports BSC or HECO chain. 


When Filet goes viral, more and more token holders would start to get to know about this top product to stake FIL. Currently, almost 3000 miners are operating the Filecoin network. In the current cryptocurrency market, which is weak and highly volatile, Filet has become one of the best choices for investing in Filecoin.  

Today, innovations in DeFi are growing rapidly, and more people are joining every day. Thanks to its highly advanced protocol and efficient staking service, Filet has emerged as one of the top finance platforms of choice for most people. With more upgrades and developments to its protocol in the future, the platform will ensure its strong position in the cryptocurrency market.  

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