How to Mine FIL with FIL?

As we all know, in Filecoin mining, the investment of mining machines and staked tokens are the two main costs for investors, and they have even become insurmountable barriers for ordinary investors. Then the decentralized mining power service platform, Filet, was born. It turned out to be a disruptive platform compared with all traditional Filecoin cloud mining power and mining methods, the innovative method to mine by staking has significantly lowered the barrier of mining and allowed ordinary investors to seize the dividends of Filecoin mining.

Now that FIL price has dropped from a high level to a low point, the users who bought FIL at a high price have got trapped. Rather than keeping assets in the exchange and waiting for the price to rise again, it is better to stake FIL in Filet to earn more FIL and shorten the time for getting rid of the trap. Suppose you bought FIL at the price of 100U per FIL, then the price dropped to 70, it needs to increase by more than 40% before you can get out of the trap. If you stake FIL in Filet, each FIL will have an extra return of 0.55FIL after one year, then one year later you can get out of the trap even the price continued to drop to 65U per FIL. If by then it remains at around 70, you will be not only out of the trap but also earn more from the staking.

In the later period, with the continuous rise of the FIL price and the support of Filecoin mining power, the price of FILE will naturally rise too. At that time, users can enjoy the double benefits of the price increase of FIL and FILE.

The emergence of Filet has greatly lowered the barrier of the Filecoin mining power market, providing miners with more flexible mining methods. The mining power token can be traded in the secondary market, allowing ordinary investors to enjoy the benefits of Filecoin’s development. At the same time, it also opens up the relatively closed market of Filecoin mining and brings more users to Filecoin, so that the decentralized storage led by Filecoin will be achieved faster in the future.

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