How to Survive the Crypto Bear Market in 2022

The cycle of the crypto world is changing hundreds of times faster than traditional finance, and the wealth opportunities it contains are also hundreds of times that of traditional finance. The public chain boom in 2017, the DeFi Summer in 2020, the GameFi in 2021, any of them is an epic opportunity.

So what should cryptocurrency investors do in the blank period before these opportunities arrive? The answer is to pursue a stable income and wait for the chance to come. Because when the cryptocurrency market lacks vitality, blindly speculating on tokens will only bring losses, and only by taking advantage of the opportunity can you get considerable gains.

Karen is a veteran in cryptocurrency investing and has gone through several rounds of bull and bear transitions. When he first entered the cryptocurrency market, Karen was immersed in cryptocurrency speculation regardless of the bull or bear market. Although Karen made a lot of money in the bull market, once it entered the bear market, he often lost all the money he made in the bull market and even lost his principal.

Experienced several rounds of bulls and bears, Karen has gradually become smart. He concluded that making money in a bull market is not winning, being able to hold your assets stable in a bear market is real money-making. So, how to keep or even steady increase his assets in the process of waiting for the market to turn bull has become an urgent problem for Karen.

It was not until Karen met Filet that he truly get the problem solved. Filet is a Filecoin mining platform, but it is very different from traditional Filecoin mining. Users only need to stake FIL before they can start mining. Therefore, for people like Karen who hold FIL, it equals mining Filecoin without any extra investment, which makes his FIL become more.

In the beginning, Karen did not dare to invest too much and chose short-term staking with a small amount of FIL. After the expiration, Karen took all the principal back plus the income. In this way, the Filet platform gained Karen’s trust, then he staked all the FIL in his hand to Filet for mining, and chose a staking period with an annualized income of around 30%.

Karen, after investing in Filet, temporarily stopped speculating on cryptocurrencies and was able to secure his assets in the bear market. What he’s doing now is just quietly waiting for the arrival of the next bull market.

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