Why is Bitmain Working on the IPFS Track?

Recently, Bitmain, the world’s largest mining machine manufacturer, announced at the ” Overseas Experience Exchange Conference” that it will start working on the IPFS. Bitmain said that it recognized and accepted the IPFS after evaluation.

This announcement at this time also shows that FIL price is now at the bottom, which is the right time to join. Because Filecoin mining requires tokens for staking, the lower the price, the lower the cost.

As the world’s largest Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, Bitmain has undergone very strict evaluations for every decision. This also shows that the IPFS has been greatly recognized by Bitmain and has great value in the future. At the same time, Bitmain’s action will also lead other Bitcoin hash rate providers to join, which can further expand the influence of IPFS.

Previously, Huobi Technology borrowed 250,000 FIL from the controlling shareholder for the construction of the Filecoin storage provider, which also shows that most of the people in the industry are very optimistic about the Filecoin project. With the development of the blockchain, the profits of Bitcoin mining have been claimed, and the giants are eager to find the next target. In the current blockchain market, there is no doubt that Filecoin has the most potential.

If metaverse is to be realized in the future, a decentralized global storage system will be very essential. This is also where the Filecoin project is most imaginative. Blockchain technology will change the world. No matter how blockchain technology and applications develop, storage is always the infrastructure.

This is just the beginning because decentralization is an irresistible trend in the future, there will be more applications of distributed storage, and its future is unlimited!

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