What is the Future of Filecoin?

Filecoin is a star project in the blockchains, and it has been very popular as soon as it was launched. The acceptance of Filet is completely beyond that of Bitcoin. What will the future of such a great project be like?

People in any corner of the world are creating new data every day. The corresponding storage capacity is needed. The market size has already reached trillions. The technological advancement of IPFS is enough to reduce storage costs and solve more problems in the current Web 2.0. Therefore, this is not a market that relies on the beliefs like Bitcoin and Ethereum. All industries around the world will definitely get into this market, get into Filecoin, because all industries need high-quality and low-cost storage costs.

The infrastructure of the IPFS protocol layer is the distributed storage data centers, commonly known as a “mine”. This kind of distributed storage data center is actually aimed at the operators & service providers of the traditional IDC, such as Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, and Tencent Cloud. The storage competition in the future is mainly on the storage cost, and the core is IPFS technology. The market for blockchain + storage + server hardware will be immeasurable.

Filecoin is the first and only distributed storage project implemented in the blockchain field. As its only official incentive token, FIL will also have great value. The total circulating supply of FIL is 2 billion, and there is a destruction mechanism in its economic model. As more traditional IDC service providers enter the market, more tokens will be destroyed, and the price of FIL will only get higher.

At present, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is very high, and there is little room for them to rise. FIL is in its initial stage and has a very huge potential to increase. Therefore, FIL is a big opportunity in the blockchain field. Professional investors with large funds may choose to buy mining machines for mining, while for ordinary investors, staking for mining on a platform like Filet is the best choice because users don’t need to buy mining machines, they only need to stake FIL they already have for mining, and the entry barrier is much lower.

Although the price of FIL is at a low level now, once Filecoin is fully accepted, its value will instantly increase. And now is a good time to join.

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