What’s the Value of the Junk Data Stored in Filecoin?

Up to now, the total storage capacity of Filecoin has exceeded 15EiB, most of which are so-called junk data. What exactly do these data mean?

First of all, it is to make people all over the world who pay attention to Filecoin be aware that Filecoin has very stable storage spaces, miners need to submit proofs every day to prove that they are continuing to store data for the network. This makes everyone believe that Filecoin is trustworthy, and the data it stores will not be lost for no reason so that more and more people will upload data to it.

Secondly, before storing real data, there must be test data to test the reliability of the network, and it doesn’t matter if they are lost. Many people have also used Filecoin for storage, and the experience is still good.

Finally, the large amount of data stored by Filecoin is not useless. It is actually the credit support of the entire Filecoin network, representing that everyone recognizes and accepts the security of this network ledger. Just like Bitcoin, many people think that Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity, but from a technical point of view, such electricity is not wasted, because it ensures the security of the Bitcoin network ledger.

Therefore, storing Filecoin’s junk data is not a waste. It is an important support and guarantee for the security of the ledger and consensus. In the future, as the more and more usage of Filecoin, more valid data will definitely be stored, and this is the time when the real value of Filecoin will be realized.

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