Staking is Mining, Filet Opens a New Era of Filecoin Mining!

On July 7th, 2021, Filet, a mining platform for Filecoin mining power, was officially launched. Filet is a decentralized cloud mining power service platform that connects high-quality business miners and miners around the world, tokenizes Filecoin mining power, and allows mining power to circulate freely in the market. The appearance of Filet broke the current high threshold and high investment situation of Filecoin mining, allowing all investors to participate in Filecoin mining through Filet.

As we all know, in more than a decade since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the crypto industry asset has exceeded a trillion market value. After more than a decade of development in the mining market, giants such as listed companies have also emerged, and countless myths of wealth creation have been staged. Today, the appearance of the Filecoin project is another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for miners.

Filecoin mining consists of different basic conditions, such as hardware solutions, IDC room, network, operation, and maintenance technology, and optimization of mining procedures. But no matter which method it is, the only thing that cannot be bypassed is the staking currency.

So what is staking currency? When miners begin to participate in Filecoin mining, they become storage service providers and provide storage services to the network. They first need to announce their service details to the network, that is, how much storage space they plan to provide, how long the storage period is, and the storage service they want to charge cost of. The pre-staking is to provide a certain amount of staking tokens to the network according to the size of the storage space provided by the miners.

With high hardware configuration, coupled with valuable staking tokens, the cost of purchasing mining machines to participate in Filecoin mining has become very high, especially the investment of millions and tens of millions in cluster mining is even more daunting for ordinary investors. Even if there are funds to participate in Filecoin mining, problems such as runaway miners, delayed delivery of mining machines, slow packaging, etc. will cause great losses to miners, and miners have purchased mining machines or mining power, and may not be aware of the actual daily income generated. The final benefits may be far lower than the actual benefits.

In this background, Filet was born, committed to providing a decentralized, transparent, open, and truly credible mining platform for miners. First of all, users can directly stake FIL on Filet to obtain the corresponding cloud mining power for Filecoin mining. For users holding FIL, compared with traditional mining machines or cloud mining power mining, this method of mining does not require any cost. All hardware equipment and operation and maintenance are provided by the Filet platform. After the expiration, users can also redeem the staked FIL.

The appearance of Filet completely broke the current difficult situation of Filecoin mining, giving all investors the opportunity to participate, and truly allowing Filecoin’s mining power to flow in the market. Filet will also open a new era of Filecoin mining!

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