Is It Worth Joining the Combined Mining of Filecoin with a 50%-50% Income Share?

Since the launch of the Filecoin mainnet, it has been favored by countless people. By buying mining machines or cloud mining power, investors who are optimistic about distributed storage are eager to seize the opportunity of distributed storage. However, the entry barrier of Filecoin mining is extremely high, which is out of reach for most ordinary investors. As a result, many miners began to launch combined mining.

The so-called combined mining is the cooperation between miners and users. The company that runs miner nodes provides the mining farm and bandwidth and pays for electricity. The user only needs to pay the tokens for staking without gas or other fees, and the income is shared with the company. Normally, the share ratio is 40% for users and 60% for the company, or 50-50 at most. After the contract period ends, the staked tokens are returned to the user.

For retail investors with limited funds, combined mining is very attractive, it is almost zero risk and zero investment, the only investment is time, and they can get 40%-50% of the mining profit. It must be said that this method of mining is indeed a convenience for retail investors, and it is the most convenient channel for them to seize the opportunity of Filecoin.

However, is 40%-50% the maximum return of mining? Can retail investors get more mining profit? Obviously, it is possible.

So far, there have been countless combined mining projects, and it is not surprising that 40%-50% of the mining revenue is distributed to users, and such miners are not competitive enough in the market. Then let’s take a look at Filet, which mainly focuses on Filecoin staking and mining, after users staked FIL and got the mining power to mine FIL, they do not need to share the profit with Filet officials. In other words, users can get most of the mining output.

Of course, as a provider of hardware and software facilities, Filet does not provide services for free and will charge users a 20% handling fee as its own cost and profit, which means Filet has minimized the profit margin to the extreme and guaranteed the benefits of users to the greatest extent. For users, the mining return raised from 40% to 80%, it’s doubled!

Therefore, users who want to participate in Filecoin mining should not be easily attracted by projects that seem to be highly profitable. Only by comparing different products can you choose the best way.

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