How to Join Filecoin Mining without Buying Mining Machine?

Filet has completely subverted the Filecoin mining industry!

Users can participate in Filecoin mining with a minimum investment of a few hundred dollars, and Filet has indeed made it. Especially for users who hold FIL, they can even participate in Filecoin mining at 0 cost.

In traditional Filecoin mining, purchasing a mining machine is a huge investment, and various factors such as the performance of the mining machine, pledge coins, GAS fee, packaging speed, and mining service cycle must be fully considered. The vast majority of ordinary investors do not have enough funds, let alone this professional knowledge.

However, in Filet, users don’t need to consider these factors at all. They only need to stake FIL to obtain the corresponding Filecoin mining power, the annual return is as high as 45%. For users who are optimistic about Filecoin for the long term, instead of storing FIL in wallets or exchanges and waiting for the price of FIL to rise, it is better to earn more FIL in the process, and the annualized return of 45% basically crushes the current DeFi market.

Filet is also an arbitrage solution tool for users. Participating in Filet to earn more FIL can greatly shorten the solution time. Suppose you bought FIL at a position of 100U, currently it is about 60U, and you need to increase it by about 70% before you can unwind. If it is staked to Filet, after one year, each FIL will have an extra 0.45FIL in return, and the FIL can be solved at about 70U. In terms of Filecoin’s development potential, below 100U is definitely an extremely underestimated position.

Filet is also particularly suitable for conservative investors. The current FIL price is about 20U, and the minimum pledge cost is only about 200U. If the FIL price rises to 200U after one year (the highest FIL price is 232U), the user will get a profit of about 2660U, which is the initial asset 100 Times!

For a project with great potential like Filecoin, 200U may be just the starting point. In the same way, if the FIL price drops after one year, as long as it stays above 40U, the FIL obtained by pledge can still be used to achieve capital protection. If the price is not ideal at that time, the user can also stake it again and sell it when the price is ideal.

Filet’s new approach has created a broader Filecoin mining power market for users. Users around the world do not need to worry about high thresholds and high funds and can enter the Filecoin computing power market more freely and efficiently to conduct Filecoin mining.

In the long run, the launch of Filet is bound to have a profound impact on the industry.

Filet, bring Filecoin to DeFi!

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