Filet Joins the Filecoin Summit as a Speaker to Introduce a New Way to Participate in Filecoin Mining

The co-founder of the tokenizing storage provider Filet Finance attended the Filecoin Summit held in Austin, Texas, this week as one of the speakers and talked about expanding the Filecoin community and the entire ecosystem. 

It was the first summit hosted by the Filecoin Foundation, an independent organization facilitating governance of the Filecoin network and funding the projects critical to developing the Filecoin ecosystem. 

Filecoin (FIL) is a decentralized storage system that offers users a low-cost, highly-secure alternative to cloud storage platforms offered by tech giants like Google and Amazon. Recently, Filecoin Foundation announced that it is exploring an option to host blockchain nodes in space in partnership with global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin with a test mission to be identified by August 2022.

This three-day in-person summit brought the Filecoin community together, including builders, developers, contributors, and partners from across the ecosystem, for workshops, panel discussions, and tutorials dedicated to building and scaling the Filecoin network and further growing the broad cryptocurrency space. 

Events like these are an excellent opportunity to immerse in ecosystems like Filecoin and Filet Finance, which build decentralized, efficient, and robust foundations for humanity’s information by learning from the brightest minds in the industry and connecting with like-minded community members.

Developing the underlying infrastructure

As a guest speaker at the conference, Filet introduced a new way for the Filecoin community and its ecological partners to participate in the success of Filecoin.

On June 8, Filet co-founder discussed how Filet is tokenizing Filecoin storage and introducing it into the DeFi ecosystem to provide FIL holders with risk-free and high-growth FIL staking services. With Filet, the idea is to create a decentralized platform with low entry barriers and transparent pools and returns.

Attracting the Masses

Already, the decentralized Filecoin staking service enabled by Filecoin mining power tokenization protocol boasts holding 120,000 FIL in its staking service. FIL investors flock to Filet for its attractive average APY, which can go about 30%, especially during the ongoing crypto winter where digital asset prices have decreased by 70% to 90%. So far, Filet has distributed over 20,000 FIL in staking rewards to its users. 

Filet is a multi-chain supporting platform covering BSC, and Heco Network, and Filecoin. To provide fundamental services for the web3 ecosystem, the project has partnered with HiWallet, TopBlocks, Poly Network, Footprint Analytics and so on.

On the technical side, Filet Finance offers effective storage power at 25PiB. Empowered by the most efficient storage miners, the platform has employed fully optimized Filecoin mining software. Its Filecoin miners, which are fully open and transparent, operate in North America to leverage the fastest Internet and lucrative storage deals along with no censorship or regulation risk.

The platform is secure and reliable, with the staked assets protected by the smart contract, which is audited by the leading blockchain security company Certik. Its source code is also open-source on GitHub for anyone to see and examine, while the staking and income data claims can be easily viewed on chain.

As a Filecoin ecological service provider, Filet’s mission is to connect all parties in the Filecoin ecosystem to help its development. Overall, Filet Finance aims to become a Web3 infrastructure service provider and provide essential services for the Web3 ecosystem.

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