How to Make Money with Filecoin?

IPFS is an open-source decentralized web protocol that allows users to store and transmit verifiable and content-addressable data in a peer-to-peer network. IPFS is perfect for storing data, but it is only a network protocol. It is difficult for ordinary users to become nodes to store data by themselves, and IPFS has no incentive mechanism to encourage nodes to provide services for other users.

Therefore, Filecoin is born at the right time.

Filecoin serves as the incentive layer of IPFS, and the Filecoin nodes are also nodes of IPFS. The project motivates data storage miners and retrieval miners to maintain the network through FIL rewards, and customers pay FIL for the required services. The customer reaches an agreement with multiple nodes, and the node promises to retain a piece of data for a period of time, and after expiration, it needs to be renewed to maintain the persistence of the data. For the same content, the longer it is kept, the more FIL is paid.

Therefore, Filecoin mining has become the best way to make money in the Filecoin ecosystem. Filecoin mining is the process of obtaining FIL tokens by contributing your own storage space. Fielcoin mining machine is a high-performance enterprise-level server, including GPU, CPU, and other hardware. There are computing servers, storage servers, and node servers.

Moreover, Filecoin mining has relatively high technical requirements. The mining machine needs to be hosted in the national-level IDC, and it needs to operate in an environment with a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, uninterrupted network, dust-free, constant humidity, and constant temperature. There are many cabinets in the IDC, and many servers are placed in the cabinets. Each server performs its own duties and works together to generate mining power. The greater the effective mining power you have, the more FIL tokens are produced.

Therefore, anyone who wants to participate in Filecoin mining must rely on professional Filecoin mining service providers, and the investment is quite high. For individual investors with limited funds, such mining is obviously unaffordable. A better way is to find a platform like Filet for staking and mining.

The so-called staking and mining mean that investors do not need to purchase mining machines, provide additional staked tokens, or worry about a series of problems such as technical operation and maintenance, and only need to stake FIL to mine. Taking Filet as an example, there are staking products of various durations, and the highest annualized income can reach about 30%. It can be said that this mining method is the best choice for these individual investors.

As the ecology of Filecoin becomes more complete in the future, and decentralized storage applications are being implemented, the value of Filecoin will become more obvious. When it fulfills its mission, it will be the time when Filcoin miners truly get the returns they deserve.

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