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Stake FIL to earn FIL

Maximize your assets in any market condition!
Stake FIL to earn more FIL without any impermanent loss.

Maximize your assets in any market condition!Stake FIL to earn more FIL without any impermanent loss.

Stake 180 days, earn about 18% APY
Stake 360 days, earn about 24% APY
Flexible staking, earn about 5%+8% APY
Low barrier
Zero risk
High return

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Filet is backed by the largest Filecoin storage provider in North America and has open-source code that has been double-audited by Certik.

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How does Filet work?

Filet is a decentralized Filecoin staking service enabled by Filecoin mining power tokenization protocol. Supporting Filecoin, BNB, and Mixin chain, Filet is open source and audited by Certik, stable and secure operating for over 2 years. Filet provides Filecoin holders with a risk-free, competitive staking service offering an annualized return of about 24%.
Take note: All earnings from Filet come from Filecoin mining rewards, not from other lending platforms.

As we've mentioned, Filet's earnings come from the Filecoin Network. There are two reasons for its high staking returns:
1. Filecoin just released its mainnet in 2021, so it is still in its early stage. The earlier you join Filecoin mining, the higher your rewards will be over the next 6 years.
2. Our partner storage provider is rapidly scaling up their business, so they're willing to share more earnings with Filecoin stakers. This is evident in their service fee of only 20%.

Filecoin mining rewards are split into two parts: 25% is released on the day of mining, and the remaining 75% is released linearly over a 180-day cycle. For the 25%, Filet deducts a service fee before sending the earnings data to Filet users through a smart contract. As for the 75%, Filet gives it to users as a locked portion, and users can withdraw it all at once when the staking period ends. The longer the staking period, the higher your rewards.
Filecoin mining is a systematic and complicated process. It requires encapsulating storage space - converting the storage machine's space into effective mining power - to generate mining revenue. Sealing storage takes time. Generally, as mining power increases, so does revenue. The current sealing period specified by Filet is 30 days, which means that if you stake 12 FIL to get 1T of mining power, you won't get that 1T of mining power right away - it will take a 30-day cycle. On the first day, you'll get the mining power of 1/30T, and the corresponding income will be for that fraction, and on the 30th day, your output will be 1T of full mining power. The earnings data will continue to increase from there.

The annualized earnings displayed on Filet are an estimate, not exact calculations. The basis for estimation is based on the growth of mining power for the whole network and the mining output of the whole network. Your actual daily income will depend on your node's output. With Filet having been running for almost 2 years, the estimated revenue on the platform is conservative, and you may earn even more.